Design plays a vital role when choosing between patching up 99% embroidery and doing 100%. Patchwork will depend on what is the background of your design, if it is a solid colour one, then you can go for less than 100%, but it totally depends if you rather want to go for a 100% embroidered patch.

Designing a patch for the first time, consider the following points

Ignore This Section If You Are Not A Designer

Once you have decided on what option to go for, the first thing is to consider the design. The embroidered patches you are embroidering must be beautiful, recognizable, and relatable. Don’t clutter it with too many elements, give importance to a single element, and focus on that. A team of talented artists can also help you with the design if required.

Size Of The Content

When it comes to the patch’s content, ideally, the height of the text should be a minimum of 0.25 inches. Choose a simple font type because the decorative or designer fonts would be difficult to stitch in the smaller patch. You will have to increase your patch size to accommodate. If you wish to go for smaller text and detailing, you could opt for woven embroidered patches in place of embroidered one.

Colour Selection

When it comes to the thread colours, you can choose various colours. But to minimize the cost, you may use the available colour options optimally with different combinations to make it readable and attractive.

Patch Design

You can visit a patch gallery that you can explore to get a unique design for yourself. You also need to have some niche types of thread like the one that glows in the dark or metallic ones, etc. Sometimes a simple design looks better than the one with many elements.

How To Design If You Are Not From A Creative Background?

Even if you are not from the design background, we got you covered with the artwork set-up. If you have a certain idea, you can visualize yourself with the following tips you can tell your artist.

  1. When you tell the artist to describe your idea in as many details as possible.
  2. Send any reference pictures or examples to the artist
  3. Make a rough sketch to put down your ideas on paper so that it becomes easy for the artist.

We hope now you are clear with some doubts concerning embroidered patches.