Singapore is a haven for companies given that there are transparent laws and strict implementation without bureaucracy and corruption, favorable tax arrangements, and world-class infrastructures. However, it is a competitive economy.

Companies need to innovate to survive. They will need to make the best use of their resource, infrastructure, and expertise to stand toe to toe with many other firms that are in the same sector, eying the same group of customers.

This is all to say that underworked efforts at any activity such as management, taxation, marketing, etc. are going to weigh heavily on the growth efforts. Especially for startups with limited experience, knowledge and information will be precious assets that can create the difference between a successful company and a not so successful one.

Thus, business advisor services are very valuable to a firm in Singapore.

Bits of Advice in Every Sector

Running a business is not straightforward. Various issues will arise, and at the same time, you will need important information regarding many services. Thus, seeking help from a person who has solved the problems before, or has used the service you want to avail, is going to give you a sense of direction for making your decision.

  • Business advisors can provide consultancy in the following fields:
  • Business Transformation (HR advisory, family business advisory, project management, SME transformation, etc.)
  • Mergers & Acquisition Advisory (Business restructuring, business broker, finding business for sales, legal advisory during the mergers and acquisition process, etc.)
  • Internationalization Business Advisory (business matching, business market research, setting up businesses in other countries, etc.)
  • Crisis Management Advisory (Business Continuity Advisory and Planning, Forensic Investigation Services, Work from Home setup, etc.)
  • Financial Advisory (Budgeting, Corporate Tax Planning and Management, Financial Due Diligence, Business Valuation, etc.)
  • Media and Technology (Internet Marketing, Logo, Virtual Office Services, Social Media Marketing, Cybersecurity, etc.)

Other Support

Generally, other than advisory, a Singapore corporate service provider also provides other services such as accounting, bookkeeping, IT services and digital transformation, secretarial services, etc. All in all, they don’t only have the information, but also have the expertise and resources you can outsource, which will be helpful to you especially if you have a limited budget.