In this modern industrial era, it is quite challenging getting the right kind of bags that can be used in carrying both inflammable and non-inflammable products. It is the four categories of FIBC bags that have made it very possible to get the ideal bulk bags for carrying a wide variety of industrial elements. But you should learn about the features and usage of every category otherwise you will not be able to make the right choice at the end of the day. The fabric will decide whether the items will be safely delivered or not.

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No static electricity or protection is being offered by these FIBC bags especially when the stored items or elements collide with each other either at the time of loading or at the time of emptying. No flammable products can be ever carried in these bags otherwise disastrous outcomes will occur.


In most of the cases, Type-b category bags are composed of non-conductive materials along with plainly woven polypropylene. Static electricity is not being dissipated by them. The bags have got a lower breakdown voltage and this is where they differ from Type-A bags. They have got an outstanding capability of preventing bust discharges without dispersing any electrostatic charge. Dry and flammable powders can be transported within these bags. But in this case the environment should be completely free from dust otherwise unwanted reactions will occur that will not only damage the bags but will also damage the goods within them.


Bags under this specific category are completely conductive in nature and this is the very reason that they are also gaining popularity in the name of conductive bags. Here, conductive yarns are being interwoven with normal polypropylene. In this case, parallel or grid pattern sewing is being experienced. As soon as the earth connection gets damaged the bags also lose their resistance power. You should be very much careful about the storage of these bags. If the bags are damaged then items like flammable powders will not be carried smoothly.


This category of bulk bags comprises static dissipative and antistatic fabrics with quasi-conductive yarns. The yarns are interconnected electrically as a result of which their connection with the earth becomes much intense especially at the time of emptying and filling. Therefore, flammable or combustible powders for industrial age can be now easily carried with these bags. Make sure that the bags are not being coated with any kind of conductive element especially grease otherwise acute contamination will occur. These bags should be preserved carefully so that the chemicals can be carried conveniently.

Though you might think that the purpose of both type-C and type-D is the same but in reality they differ in some specific cases. If you are willing to purchase FIBC bags in huge quantities then you have to contact the right exporter or manufacturer. Bulk bags should be chosen as per the quality, specifications, purpose and price. You can also contact any wholesale dealer or provider for receiving the best quotes.