The new service is proposed as an alternative to the established Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps and features intended to provide low cost and more reliable. Through this acquisition, IBM i hosting to carve out a new online space to help promote the adoption of cloud systems to their productivity in the business.

Similar to what is offered by Redmond and Mountain View, IBM Training provides users with some advanced features for managing communication within the company. The system includes support for email via Web to allow real-time access to email accounts from any personal computer with a browser and Internet connection.

IBM Training offers the best of both worlds. Simplifies the administration of email, but there are still reliable and flexible services. You’ll have access to all the essential functions of messaging – that were previously only in desktop software – the web browser. You do not need specialised training – and there are costs for hardware, software and data centres to worry about. In just minutes, you can assign email accounts to your users and easily manage individual accounts “reads the section of the website dedicated to the new iNotesLotusLive. In addition to the system to manage e-mail, IBM Training provides in the subscription features including antispam and antivirus protection, SSL encryption, password protected recovery and administration tools for managing user accounts. A calendar function allows, finally, creating, managing and sharing reminders of your appointments with your team.

From the description of services offered by IBM i hosting is clear that IBM’s offer is currently very similar systems have long been implemented by Google and Microsoft. Big Blue aims, however, to offer a range of functions with a more reliable and low-cost profile. A simple comparison seems to confirm this address. IBM also has a longstanding presence in the business sector and the provision of services for businesses, especially that could be an additional incentive for these companies to streamline their internal and external messaging systems.

The services provided through IBM Training could not only enable IBM to gain market share rapidly in this sector at the expense of Microsoft and Google. Still, they could also allow the company to increase the pool of companies that use its services related to cloud LotusLive. Proper integration of iNotes within its online productivity suite will be a good deal for companies looking for comprehensive solution stable, reliable and affordable.

IBM Training will naturally demonstrate in practice the stability of its new system for corporate messaging. Achieving a robust and reliable it is technically impossible for the company’s admission of the developers, but recent mistakes encountered by Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange compatibility issues seem to indicate large spaces for Big Blue to try to do better than the competition.