Malaysia is a bountiful land, situated on the southeastern end of Asia; the Malay Peninsula is renowned for its equatorial flora and fauna, its vast mineral wealth and other natural resources. One plentiful resource is in the shape and form of a rich variety of trees, that underpins a key Malay industry – that being the Furniture industry.

Besides palm oil and rubber exports, a key forestry based Malay export has always been wood and corresponding value-added furniture products.

Our client ABC Furniture Ltd (name changed) is a KL based 55-year-old manufacturing entity, which has been the mainstay business of the Koo family (name changed), and has always been into designing, and manufacturing of high quality furniture for all of the living room / study area, bed and kitchen, besides customized bespoke furniture for high-street retail outlets, and specifically specializes in Hospitality related furniture for 4-star, 5-star rated luxury properties. Having a total staff and factory-floor crew strength of around 300, it has always, traditionally focused on clients locally, besides the Thai and Singapore market specifically for turnkey fit-out Hotel projects.

The business recently passed onto relatively younger 3rd generation members of the Koo household, with the passing away of the older figures, who used to run the business, on behalf of the entire extended Koo family. With the passing of the ownership and management mantle onto to the younger, more energetic and more outwardly looking management figures of the family-held business, most in their mid 30’s, a joint family meeting was called for, as to how best to leverage on the success, in order to further grow the business, that the family elders had built over the past decades in the local market. It was a joint, unanimous decision that going forward, the family should turn the business into a more export oriented unit, lessen the dependency on the local market – its traditional mainstay of cash flows.

First step being, to act upon the above, was to release a newly compiled comprehensive catalog; a 500 page heavy booklet at that – showcasing all its very best designs, and product innovation. To be printed separately in both hardback besides softcopy in a nearly half a dozen odd languages – including all of Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Dutch besides English. A cursory online search got the Company MD and owner to contact dubai translation services for translation. And extremely happy with our prompt response, eagerness to best address the specific business needs, besides our expertise in all the said languages, assigned our Agency the task, which was fulfilled in over a fortnight.

The Sales and Marketing collateral was successfully published locally in KL, and the client has witnessed a rapid growth in business especially from Germany and the Gulf countries, one might add, and continues to avail of our various language-based-services at the time of writing this featured article.

Author Bio:

Dr. Dipankar Kundu is the owner of Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services. He is an author of various books & blogs on topics related to Language & Linguistics, Content Development & Marketing, AI, Web Development & Social Media Marketing.