Spray drying is an immensely popular method used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. In this process, dry powder is produced from liquid substances using hot gases. When you are looking for a spray drying company, you need to take care of some common factors. The process is not easy and needs adept workers. To know how to find the best one, keep reading!

Check for the company’s formula and specifications

The material which is sprayed on food and other substances is made with a specific formula. One should remember that the material does not contain only water and the active agent; it also has flow agent, emulsifier, carrier and antioxidant. The item’s sweetness can be determined with the carrier that can be a gum or starch or maltodextrin. The type of emulsifier present increases the shelf life of the product. Before settling for a company, check these feed formulas and product specifications so that it fits your industrial needs. The drying impact, viscosity and flash point all play a major role in defining the spray material.

Take a look at the equipment and method

Equipment too must be considered before you make a final call. The height and design of the dryer control the entire process. The desired properties in the power you are looking for can be achieved by a specific spray drying method and the equipment used. The type of nozzle can help you to understand the particle’s size. The pump rate, the outlet temperature and the spray dryer inlet make an impact on the drying method. These major points must be considered when you are choosing a firm. Their process must be able to produce you the final output that you are looking for.

Determine the specification of the power

Understand what kind of powdery formula you need to meet the product standards. Moisture, flowability, particle size, dissolution and microbiological units play an important role in determining the powder specification. Suppose, you need a pale orange spray powder for the product, but the active ingredient is bright orange. Ask the company what process they can use to modify or lower the tone. Moreover, there should be no loss of flavour and other reactions.

Understand the attributes of the finished product

If you are looking for a powdered drink, dissolution and flowability matter the most in the finishing criteria. Additionally, clarity, colour and flavour are also considered in the finished product. For instance, if the spray dry has Vitamin E, it will give a clear beverage, but, in the case, it is made with beta-carotene, it reduces the colour. Besides, also check for the labels if the material is allergen-free or organic because everything influences the final product.

Choosing a spray drying company is not easy because you need to find out minute details of the process, product specifications, feed formulas and more to determine if they fit all your boxes. When you find one, make an appointment and visit their unit. Understand the entire process and then proceed further.