Upselling is basic strategy to increase the profit significantly. It makes a huge difference between hardly breaking even with the price and earning good profit. If you don’t upsell your jewelry then you are missing great earning chances.

Even if you bought your pearl collection from PearlsOnly, at economical rates, it is essential to use upselling strategy.

What is upselling?

Upselling means encouraging customers decide to purchase more of your pearl items. Generally, a little something extra is offered as upgrade on their main purchase. They are usually small items but add significantly to the profits.

For example

Mrs. Sarah has come to buy an attractive Akoya pearl necklace. She chose a $75 pearl strand and reached for the payment. You remembered that there were great studs and rings that had arrived a couple of days ago, which would be a great match with the strands or any other outfit. You told her they were not pricey, just cost around $7 and $5. She tried them on at once.

After getting convinced that it is a good match and practically priced, she happily paid a bill for $87, which would have been $75 only for the necklace. In a few minutes, you added a sale of $12.

The moral of this example is that you used a few minutes productively in upselling. It is great!

Upselling is effortless

It is the final step, where extra information as well as products is presented before the customer. Do it in an assuming manner that the customer is interested to buy related pieces.

Blunders to avoid in upselling jewelry

  • Don’t make an attempt to upsell.
  • It will seem pushy and unprofessional.
  • If upselling is done in an unpersuasive manner like not explaining the buying benefits of extra products then the consumer will obviously refuse.

Upselling strategies

Assumption is key. A salesperson has to assume that customer will naturally need the upsell recommended item. Item suggested for upselling need to be related to the actually bought item. This will make sales pitch sound natural.

Describe the benefit of upgrade item purchase. Convey its unique qualities. If customer seems interested then ask permission to describe the item. Plenty of thoughts and emotions get triggered in the customer’s mind, which has to be considered while upselling. It is hardly direct like ‘Do you desire to see the ring collection’. Instead, you need to say, ‘We have a perfect ring to match the pearls on that bracelet.”

In the first method, you are just asking an answer – Yes or No. While in the second, you are leading the customer in making another purchase.

While upgrading keep customer needs in mind. This mindset will help you upsell more successfully and with integrity.