Natural Language Processing technology in Accounting AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong is the specialist of artificial intelligence (AI) in AI Accountant, a company that wants to develop the next chatbot with Natural Language Processing Technology.

How Natural Language Processing Works

Robot Accountant Chai Chung Hoong explains that Machine learning systems store the words and the ways they are combined, as well as any other form of data. Phrases, sentences and sometimes complete books are incorporated into machine learning engines, where they are processed according to grammar rules, linguistic habits of real life of people or both. The computer then uses this information to find patterns and extrapolate what comes next.

Common uses of Natural Language Processing

Automatic translation is one of the best NLP applications, but it is not the most used, but Search. Every time you search for something on Google or Bing, you are entering data into the system. When you click on a search result, the system sees this as a confirmation that the results found are correct, and uses this information for a better search in the future.

Voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, also start up when they hear phrases like “Hello, Alexa.” That’s why critics say these programs are always listening, if not they would never know when you need them. Unless you turn on an application manually, natural language processing programs should work in the background waiting for that phrase. They can learn and will respond to you when they recognise your voice with “Good morning, Carolling”.

Even if they are always there, the NLP is not Big Brother. Natural language processing makes the world better than bad. Just imagine your life without Google search or spell checking, which the NLP uses to compare the words you write with those in the dictionary. The comparison of the two data sets allows spell checkers to identify what is wrong and offer suggestions.

Commercial Benefits of Natural Language Processing

Spell checking and searching are so common, that we often take them for granted, especially at work, where the NLP offers radical productivity gains. Want to know how many vacation days you have left? Do not call human resources. Save time and help from AI Accountant, a chatbot who looks for company policies to give you an answer. Are you on the phone and need the last quarter numbers? Mention them during the conversation and, the audio search startup, will display the answer on your screen. The company has an integrated search tool that makes accounting services calls and customer resources up to ten times shorter.

Natural language processing also helps job recruiters classify resumes, attract diverse candidates and hire more skilled workers. Spam detection uses the NLP to keep that unwanted email out of your inbox, and programs like Outlook and Gmail use it to sort messages from certain people in the folders you create.

Common Language Handling for Individual Improvement

Normal language preparing can likewise enable you to control your own enthusiastic state. Woebot is an electronic specialist that interfaces with clients through a Facebook Messenger chatbot or an independent application. Be that as it may, there is still no elevated level assessment examination here. Woebot just tracks sorrow and nervousness, searching for words that may show that clients face a crisis circumstance.

Intellectual Properties Protection

The future of technology is here. You can choose to embrace it to help your business or worry that it will lead to data breach and stolen codes. Contact AI Accountant Chai Chung Hoong who is here to guide you on how you can help secure the Intellectual properties of your technology so that it would not be stolen.