It’s no secret that search engines give domains with higher authority scores preferential treatment. But many people don’t know that your domain’s authority score can also impact other areas of your online marketing efforts, such as email marketing and social media reach.

Importance of Domain Authority Score

So why should you care about your domain authority score? Here are some reasons:

1) Higher Authority Scores Mean Better Rankings

Domain authority scores are one factor used by search engines to determine how to rank a website in their results pages. Sites with high DA scores will generally rank better than those with lower ones – even if the latter has more relevant content on the topic. You can use a Domain Authority Checker to compare your site’s DA with your competitors.

However, it’s important to note that Domain Authority is not the only factor that affects ranking; there are several others that must also be taken into account. Still, having a high DA score gives you an advantage over competitors who do not bother improving theirs or ignore it altogether.

2) Email Marketing Reach

Greater Email Marketing Reach Emails sent from addresses associated with high-DA domains receive significantly more opens and clicks than those coming from low-DA domains (according to data collected by Litmus). This makes sense when you consider that spam filters give greater weight to messages coming from senders with high reputations.

Best Checker

To proceed with all these things you have to check the DA from an authentic source like, and save your time and energy to perform this process manually.