Did you know something as simple as a tote bag could encourage 50% of your customers to return to your business again? Printed tote bags that are custom to your brand and business is one of the greatest marketing methods available in today’s markets. Around 73% of all consumers own a branded or custom tote bag of some form and with the rise in awareness for environmental issues and reusable bags as a part of the solution, this is only set to increase.

With that in mind, it’s clear that tote bags have the potential to boost your marketing, but what can they be used for?

Guerrilla Marketing

Every brand dreams of that one big marketing ploy that shoots their brand to the forefront of people’s minds and in most cases, that marketing ploy falls under guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing is defined as being an advertising strategy that utilises unconventional interactions and methods. For brands who are just getting started with this statement-style of marketing, tote bags with free ‘swag’ can capture and retain attention. If you really want to make a statement, hop up on a box or platform and use a megaphone to announce your free bags. It’ll bring people over, get them talking and in some cases, even sharing the event on social media.

Marketing Packs

If your business is headed to an exhibition, or you want something extra to give when you head out into the streets to promote your business, you could put together marketing packs complete with your branding, leaflets, free promotional products and more can be a quick way to throw together advertising that prospective clients and customers will actually pay attention to. The allure of free gifts can ensure that the recipients keep hold of the marketing tools and actually use them in the future. Whether they’re made of paper, plastic or are a tote bag, this can be a cost-effective way to capture leads.

The ‘Walking Billboard’

Tote bags are undeniably a valuable way of getting your brand out there. Even if the core design isn’t brand-focused, having something related to your industry with your business name or logo on there somewhere can ultimately help you to get your company out there. While the product you’ve sold might stay at home or on a desk or within its sole use, the bag can be carried anywhere and reused over time, offering you a long-term marketing strategy that’s friendly to the environment too.

Free Gifts

During specific periods in your business calendar, you could consider starting to offer free gifts to your customers. Over Christmas, for example, a tote bag of little extra gifts, whether that’s chocolates, extra products or vouchers for additional purchases, can help not only build greater customer retention but encourage them to make additional purchases within the same time period, or in the months following. You need to be sure that the value of the gift doesn’t exceed what your business can afford, however. While it can encourage people to come back, you have to be careful when costing what you’re going to include in the bag, to ensure it remains profitable.

When it comes to printed tote bags, marketing is made simple providing you get it right. Whether you’re offering free gifts, marketing packs or guerrilla marketing techniques, every bag will act as a walking billboard over time, offering you one of the longest-lasting and cost-effective marketing channels available.