The Auto Expo 2020 has staged one of the quirkiest, quickest and the most mind-blowing vehicles at the auto wrap. This year too, no disappointing the audience, the wrap has come up with one of the most overwhelming line ups with powerful models and features.

Here are the top 5 most powerful motorcycles shown at this year’s expo.


The power of this Bike has been underestimated by the crowd at a large scale. We are confident about the notification that this motorcycle is one of the most powerful showcases Auto Expo 2020 has witnessed. It is also one of the most affordable four-cylinder engines.

The motorcycle has a very muscular looks like a bull which is charging in the road. The tyres are a bit thick and contain angular headlamp. It comes with a sharp rear section and a raised back seat. The bike looks professional, smart and mean. It is absolutely raw in nature and is made for the purist population.


This is Aprilla’s flagship superbike and has been packed with a V4 motor with a capacity of 1,078 ccs. it has been the dream of many to buy this bike. The bike does not come with a vibrant colour scheme. It has a very subtle look and to add a magnetic effect, the whole bike has been given a matte finish.

The front and back tyres have been given mudguards, the seats have been given side panels and heat plates made of carbon fibre. The rest of the bike contains aluminium and has been given rather a metallic finish. It comes with a horsepower of torque power of 124Nm.


Hayabusa stands for ‘falcon’ in Japanese. Clearly which means the bike aims to be the FASTEST motorcycle. The release of Suzuki Hayabusa has blown away the minds. The bike comes with a 1340cc four-cylinder and gives it a torque power of 115Nm. It also has a 6-speed transmission which is the smoothest transmission. The whole automobile is as smooth as an electronic bike


Another very popular line up with the Suzuki is the Katana line up. It had made its name in the 90s and an image that cannot be forgotten and a thrill which cannot be left behind. It has been reconstructed and presented in the Auto Expo 2020 for the rod. It has a total output of 150PS and. A torque power of 108Nm.


There is nothing that can compare its features with that of Moto Guzzi. It is powered with a transverse V-twin. Transverse V twin ensures better chain reliability and gives one of the best touring bike experiences. It has a very rugged look with a capacity of 853cc.