I knew that I had to get out of being sexy. The problem was trying to Figure out when I should do it how I should do it. I have a degree, but it is very specialized. So it’s not like I can really move to just move to any company to apply my expertise. The answer fell into my lap one day after reading a ASM7 review and realizing that there is big money to be made selling things online. This is something that I had never thought about doing before. But I’ve learned just how big of a paycheck it would bring in, I suddenly became very curious.

Obviously know that shopping is big business here in this country, but I always thought of major stores selling to customers. I haven’t really ever entertained myself until now. I have dabbled on one of the major auction site in the past, and I did do well at it. But the thought of selling on a major marketplace that dominates the retail market is far more appealing. I know that people make a lot of money. I would rather just put my items up already set in stone.

I also like the idea of not having to do as much work. I have run myself into the ground as an executive for a well known marketing agency. I wanted to move to the top within the company, and I did that easily. But something was missing, and I felt that way for many years. I have since then left that job and sell products online full time. I now get to take vacations when I want instead of having to work all the time. I have more time with my family now, which is something that I missed out on in the past when I was a professional sitting in a boring office each day.