Nasdaq stands for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations”and sqft stands for “Presidio Property Trust, Inc.” It set up in 1999 as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), intending to focus on real estate investors primarily on out-of-the-mainstream properties, which are mainly ignored by institutional investors. Mr. Jack K. Helibron is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Larry G. Dubose as the Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Jessica C. Joelson as the Chief Accounting Officer of Presidio Property Trust, Inc. While Ms. Jennifer A. Barnes acting as one of the independent directors. The NASDAQ: SQFT at is one of the leading brands in the stock market.

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Features of the NASDAQ: SQFT: –

The strategy followed by the company is to acquire the properties at an attractive rate and then bring out the hidden value of the properties by implementing a unique seller situation followed by an aggressive business plan. This value mainly originates when the existing owners have a lack of interest or are financially unable to keep the property in top operating condition. The company focusses on such properties and then proceeds to bring out the hidden value through different enhancement processes, which ultimately helps to increase the value and which in turn results in a greater appreciation of the property.

The portfolio of Presidio Property Trust, Inc. includes office, retail, industrial, storage, and residential properties. Property type is not a concern in the business of Presidio Property Trust, Inc. The main focal point is how many opportunities the property possesses. The company has been aggressive in maintaining as well as upgrading its portfolio with different schemes and methods.

In 2010, the company acquired homes from the builders nationwide on a sale-lease basis, and since than strengthen their approach. The approach has helped the company to bring good returns on their investments. The company established a secure cash flow with the help of these assets. The above information represents a small portion of their current assets. The return derived from these assets is impressive for the shareholders.

One of the primary vision of Presidio Property Trust, Inc. is to provide value to their customers, and for the tenants are one of their prioritized customers and the company always strive to provide excellent services to the tenants. This approach has helped the company to maintain a stable cash flow as well as to achieve a reduction in capital costs. The NASDAQ: SQFT has grown significantly, where the revenue has increased by 84% while asset value has grown by 39%. You can check more stocks like NASDAQ: ONCR at before stock trading.

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