It’s no longer the era in which courier only made transporting perishable foods. Today’s courier services are a bit advanced and wide-reaching. The technology used is a bit advanced, with the kind of courier machines and facilities having better designs, and improved security features. The fully-equipped and advanced refrigerated vehicles make transportation for all kinds of goods, easier and fun. Do you really need refrigerated couriers? Read below to understand these types of couriers.

What Truly Is A Refrigerated Courier Service?

A refrigerated courier service specializes in delivering fresh items like food and drinks. They supply and deliver these items to the customer’s doorstep under controlled temperature environments. The delivered items are usually kept under uniquely-designed frozen storage containers, which ensures the quality of the items delivered to you. These services deliver items such as fruits, meat, vegetables, milk, and more.

How Do Refrigerated Couriers Operate?

Refrigerated couriers are the professionals you need to help you deliver things like gifts, flowers, foods, and others. The couriers use temperature-controlled equipment to keep the gifts and other delivery items in the perfect condition before they reach the customer. Some of the services will request payment before delivery, while others will only charge you once the goods reach your customer.

Features of the Refrigerated Courier Services

Refrigerated courier agencies are characterized by uniquely-designed air-conditioned and cooled containers. These advanced and reliable delivery services have features such as:

  • Efficient and timely deliveries, minimizing instances of items getting spoiled.
  • High-end and powerful temperature-monitoring systems
  • High-quality temperature-controlled storage systems
  • Frozen and chilled delivery of items like vegetables, foods, and flowers,
  • High-quality and efficient location tracking systems

Services Refrigerated Couriers Offer

The refrigeration services offered by refrigeration service providers are efficient, reliable, and safe. Looking to hire these service providers, these are the services you will likely enjoy.

  • Controlled ambient couriers— professional courier services offer logistics and courier solutions within the healthcare industry.
  • Good couriers—the refrigerated courier services we provide are as well suitable for the transportation and delivery of goods of all kinds.
  • Frozen goods—if you want to transport frozen goods, the best courier transportation services are the way to go. The perfect transportation companies will deliver premium services that will match and exceed the needs of the end customer.

For those in the UK, the best-refrigerated courier service to hire is PDQ. The company was founded in 1998 by Brian Brenna and the wife, Amanda. It was the first and most trusted temperature-controlled courier in the UK by then. Since then, they have changed to niche provider who offers specialist courier services in the medical pharmaceutical, and hazardous industries. And since we have high-quality traceability, you can monitor the progress of the products being delivered throughout the journey. Our vehicles are of high-quality, while our drivers are highly-qualified and certified.