The growing competition in the office workplace is increasing daily and to remain in the game and produce with the ongoing increasing changes in the market; we must be in tip-top shape. Finance reports, deadlines, due dates, and all of these different commitments are going to play when working alongside co-workers to achieve a common goal. However, it’s strange that no one ever addresses the elephant in the room when it comes to working with a group of individuals, especially in small office workspaces. That big elephant is hygiene.

Office leaning is paramount in maintaining a healthy living space. The growing demand rising to the top causes a great deal of stress and other issues that can hurt the immune system, but one way that we as workers can minimize the time we are away from our desk is with practicing excellent hygiene every day. Benefits of having a clean office far out way the cost of poor hygiene. Below are 5 Ways Poor Office Hygiene is Killing Employee Productivity:

1. Excessive absences

Nothing feels worse than waking up and having to go to work and feeling like crap! You have a report due, and a meeting, and plans for after work but you woke up feeling horrible. You crawl out of bed two get to the car, but you are so sick that you can’t even make it work that day. Although you’re very healthy a lot of the times the fact that you gave to someone else’s virus due to poor hygiene is now cause you to miss days from work to recover because as we all know to work, you have to go to work.

2. Raising Suspicions

After getting sick at work, everyone has the same thought. How did I get sick and who gave me the virus? The raising suspicions from contracting some virus from one of your co-workers could lead to team dysfunctions and not allow people to feel comfortable sharing Close Quarters with others because there are in fear that they may be the one who gave them the cold. Once you and the word spread around the office, no one wants to work with the sicko. The benefits of the office cleaning is you will not be the one targeted.

3. Poor Temperament

a messy office can affect mood at work

Another side effect of being sick is having a poor temper, which will negatively affect the person’s ability to have professional, productive conversations with their co-workers. How many times have you been speaking with someone and noticed that they were Snappy at you and disagreeable? If you were like me, you are aware that sick people have weak tempers because they are spending the majority of their energy fighting off the disease the best they can while living in discomfort.

4. Inability to Concentrate

Inability to concentrate one significant sign that someone has a cold. Whenever we are sick, our body is in fight or flight mode trying to recover, and it is hard to focus on the finance report while being an attack by viruses. The inability to concentrate is one of the leading causes of the lack of productivity in the office workspace. This is why office cleaning routines are key to healthy living.

5. Become a Chronic Issue

The last thing the scariest thing about getting sick due to poor hygiene in the workplace is feeling like it’s something that will become reoccurring if the problem isn’t solved. Having people who work with you and who are unable to wash their hands thoroughly and keep their body clean raise as many red flags and causes many people discomfort because if they continue to come around as sick as they are, there’s a high likelihood that we could develop the same chronic issues of Health as they do. These are the benefits of having a clean office in order to prevent poor hygiene from affecting your productivity.