If you worry about keeping your sensitive data private, you are in the right place. In this digitalized world, where data is the fuel, you are not alone to worry about it. Many have concerns about securing sensitive data from trillion-dollar companies to the average person. Falling on the wrong hands may lead to many regrettable happenings in both personal and professional life. Hence it is time to check out the top tips to keep your sensitive data private.

The rising importance of data protection and privacy

The rise of less than one zettabyte in 2010 to over 33 zettabytes now and expectations to reach 175 zettabytes by 175 is phenomenal. It is the most important tech trend after the internet in the 1990s. Hence there is the rising importance of data protection to keep your sensitive data private.

5 top tips to keep sensitive data private

With so much data collected in the last few years and more in the future, it is pertinent to know the following five tips.

Keep sensitive data private offline

It is online that needs protection and privacy and offline. Keep all documents having sensitive data like financial documents, social security cards, and others in a safe place. While going outside, limit yourself to carrying only identification, credit, and debit cards. Question the need for sensitive data when asked by anyone for the purpose, and until it is valid, do not reveal it. Destroy all receipts, insurance forms, credit offers, applications, checks, bank statements, expired cards, and even the prescription bottles’ labels.

Keep sensitive data private online

Know whom you share sensitive data with and never share it over the phone, mail, or the internet to avoid imposters using it. While disposing of a computer or mobile device, make sure you delete all sensitive data from it. Use encryption software to guard online transactions by keeping the browser secure for protection and privacy. Always have a safe password and never share it with anyone. Also, do not post too much of yourself on social networking sites to fall prey to the data breach.

Keep devices safe

Update the anti-virus and anti-spyware software along with the firewall to keep your devices safe from any malpractice to get your sensitive data. Do not open or click on unknown links or download programs sent by strangers to avoid exposing your system.

Become wise about Wi-Fi

Do not send any sensitive data from a public wireless network like Wi-Fi in the airport coffee shop, among others.

Use encrypted websites

Check for the privacy policy of websites before using them and use encrypted websites as far as possible.

The above five tips will surely help you keep your sensitive data private, and the best way is to avail professional and trusted services for data protection and privacy.